Sunday, March 11, 2012

ShutItDown RBS Review

Following my last post about licensing free and open source software, today i will review on of my applications that i just released for free under the GNU GPL v3 license. Both the application and the code written in Visual Basic are available to download.

ShutItDown RBS

ShutItDown RBS is a software that allows the user to schedule task like shut down, restart or log off on his machine. You can specify date and time and even specify if you want them to repeat every day or every week.

  • Quickly shut down, restart or log off your pc.
  • Schedule shut down, restart or log off tasks in your pc.
  • Able to run minimized and start automatically with windows.
  • You can schedule daily or weekly tasks and they will be performed automatically until you disable them.
  • Automatically generated log of ShutItDown activities so that you can check if certain tasks were performed.

shutitdown free and open source

User guide video:

This software was already approved in several websites like,, and

So if you are into programming and sometimes you develop some applications, why not share them with world?

ShutItDown RBS website 
ShutItDown RBS sourceforge project

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